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To detect infections such as mastitis early, it is useful to use the milk test paddle. By placing a liquid in the trays, the milk will react with the liquid in a chemical reaction. Due to the effect of this reaction it is easy for the farmer to see if something is wrong with the cow.


The test works as follows:
Draw approximately two streams of milk into each cup of the paddle, hold the paddle almost vertical to determine the right amount of milk. The cups are complemented with marks to show exactly how much milk is needed. Then add CMT-liquid, the same amount as the milk. Mix the liquid with the milk, the color turns light pink. After about ten seconds the results are clear. When the milk is thickening and becoming more solid, the test is positive; mastitis is detected.

Specifications of the new teat plugs:
- Made from sturdy plastic
- High quality material
- Convenient to use
- Available in black, white or your own company color
- Durable
- Early detection of mastitis, keeps the quality of the milk high
- Cheap and quick way to test milk for mastitis
- Possible to print company information like a logo on the product


Standard colors

  • 1 black
  • 2 white

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